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Wieson Automotive High-power USB fast charger launch

This product is designed for in-vehicle mobile device charging. With fast charging function, provide 18W (Type A) and 60W (Type-C) output, LED indicator light, it comes with device identify (Apple, Android, Pad, etc.), overload protection, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection functions. All features compliant with QC3.0/PD3 charging profile and automotive grade regulations. 

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Wieson Automotive USB Charger Products Series

USB Charger series products, provide mobile devices charge or data transfer in vehicles. With independent power control chips, it can provide stable voltage and current, also it able to identify different types of mobile devices then provide appropriate power supply.
All series products can compliant with different charging profile: BC1.2 / QC3.0 / QC4.0+ / PD3.0, and can be customized, for example: 1 or 2 ports, with or without LED Light, support or not data transmission…etc.

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Wieson Automotive Product Series - Wireless Charger

The wireless charger module complies with automotive grade electrical performance and WPC specification. Maximum output power is 15W and has 3 coils for wide range of charging area. 
Having overload/ short circuit/ over temperature/ reverse power/FOD protected design. 
It can be customized include the following functions: CAN Bus/ Autosar / NFC/ Mobile phone forgetting reminder.

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T-Box and DVR IoV Products Enter Field Test Stage

In order to fulfill market requirements and company future development, Wieson Automotive started investing in IoV product developments from 2015.

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USB Charger Started Mass Production on Q3, 2016

Smart phones and Pads are widely used everywhere, people requirements of charging mobile devices are stronger than before, especially on the vehicles. We started automotive USB chargers development plan on late 2015.

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