►24GHz vehicle millimeter wave radar

Product Applications
The 24 GHz radar is an advanced high-value radar sensor for driving assistance in a variety of applications, providing a complete solution for near- and mid-range vehicles and traffic collision warning systems.


Item Description
Frequency range 24…24.25 GHz
Detection range – Car 0.6…20m
Diversity Single 1T2R
Antenna Internal multi-element Patch Antenna , Linear
Field of view(Vertical) Main antenna ±22.5°
Elevation antenna ±12.5°
Measuring accuracy Distance 0.2 m
Speed 1.17m/sec
Object separation capability Distance 0.6 m
Speed 3.5m/sec
Cycle time ~100 ms
Modulation Frequency modulation (FMCW)
Max. number of detected objects 1
W mmx H mmx D mm 106 x 49x 15
(5V ,wo/ connector)
Weight ~200 g(5V)
Power consumption 2.45W

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