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Wieson Automotive listing on New OTC (Over the Counter) Market of Beijing Stock Exchange

Wieson Automotive listing on New OTC (Over the Counter) Market of Beijing Stock Exchange

Wieson Automotive Co. Ltd. has listed on New OTC (Over the Counter) Market of Beijing Stock Exchange on September 19, 2016, Security Abbreviation : Wieson Automotive, Security Code: 838437. It is a subsidiary of Taiwan Wieson Technologies (Security Code: 6272) which focusing on automotive products, and the first subsidiary of Wieson Group that listed on China capital market.

Wieson Automotive is a professional automotive electronics manufacturer that is focusing on worldwide Tier-1 suppliers and China domestic car manufacturers markets. It is registered at Kun Shan City, Jiangsu Province, China with capital of 50 millions RMB and over 800 employees. Beside high automatic production facilities from plastic injection, connector and harness assembly, SMT PCBA production to system assembly and testing, Wieson Automotive also provide strict electronics, mechanical and environmental testing service. It is able to provide complete production services to Tier-1 suppliers and car manufacturers.



BEV/PHEV Harness 

Wieson Automotive get ahead position in China, the world largest automobile market

China’s automobile market has dramatic growth in past decade. According to statistics, there are over 24 million vehicles sold in year 2015, and over 20 million are passenger cars. It has become the world largest market. The new energy vehicle is next wave top of automotive markets, over 100 thousands EV sold in 2016, and there will be over 5 million sold in year 2020. The great opportunities of China automotive markets will be the next blue sea for Taiwanese electronics manufacturers. 


Automotive Electronics Products are Approaching High value stage

There are more and more automotive electronics products applied on vehicles, the industrial value also going higher and higher. Wieson Automotive has deeply invested in this market in past decade, and gained approvals of many worldwide Tiet-1 suppliers and domestic car manufacturers. In 2008, It became official USB cables supplier of Delphi. 2009 became supplier of Haima Motor. In 2010, it got the Hella lighting system project and GHSP gear switch cable projects. In 2011, it cooperated with Osram in HID lighting system projects, and became supplier of CHANGNA Auto and ZKW lighting. 2012 became supplier of Tyco, DFPV Auto and Flex. In 2013, it manufactured PCBA for Beijing Delphi Powertrain. 2014 became ADAS camera supplier of Neusoft and ALPS. In 2016, Started development of T-Box with one of the major ISP in Beijing, also become supplier of FSS(USA).

Automotive cables and harnesses are the core products of Wieson Automotive that occupied over 60% of total revenue. Major products include high speed multimedia data cables, HID lighting system cables, switch & sensor cables, antenna feeder cables, head light system and tail light system harnesses. Customized connectors include USB connectors, OBD II connectors, light bulb holders and waterproof connectors.

Second largest product category is automotive antenna, it occupies around 30% of total revenue. Products include AM/FM low frequency antenna, GPS/GSM/CMMB high frequency antenna, Integrated Shark-Fin type antenna, and 4G LTE highly integrated active antenna. Automotive antennas are key products for IoV applications, and continue growing is expected.

Facing the fast growing EV/PEV markets in China, Wieson Automotive investing huge resources in development of EV/PEV harness that include high current cables and connectors, control cables for BMS and battery nodule, DC-to-DC cables, PTC harness and protable AC charger harness.


Emerging IoV and ADAS, New Opportunities

 Applying of Internet of Vehicle and Advanced Driving Assistance System provide more opportunities for automotive cameras and T-Box products. Wieson Automotive cooperated with Neusoft and ALPS in developing ADAS cameras, and worked with one of the major ISP in Beijing in developing T-Box and DVR. Products expected to launch in year 2017, they will become the major revenue income in the future

Wieson Technologies was established on 1990 stared with connectors and cables business. Over 20 years, Wieson Technologies is focusing on researching and developing of electromechanical and green energy products and technologies. Integrating various resources in whole group, we are continually exploding our boundary from Taiwan to China and worldwide with extraordinary foresight and thinking.   

Wieson Technologies’ business covers four major fields, Interconnecting, Wireless, Automotive, and LED Lighting. Products applications cover from computer, communication, consuming, automotive, LED lighting to intelligent home appliance. Revenue of 2015 is over 100 million USD. Now, we are devoting our strength in developing advanced IoT and IoV products and solutions on. We are always doing our best to catch the market trend and keeping ourselves in a leading position.  


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